Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dreadful weeks

Last week and this week was really...dreadful.

Last week was really busy with all the assignment's "SUDDEN" approach of assignments' deadline, plus all that hectic quizzes which I never seem to be able to finish in time. :(

This week was kinda stressful also..
Monday - Worried of getting barred from msian studies due to multiple absence. Hopefully not :(
Tuesday - overexerted myself.
Wednesday - driving halfway to uni only realise that I forgot to bring my wallet! Oh how scary! Driving without license is like sure-dead when u meet a policeman. Stayed in uni & fren's house for the whole day prepare for the forum presentation! xD
Thursday - suddenly the lecturer says that for our group, it will be postponed to next week! GREAT last minute draw-lots and notice! GOODNESS how unorganised and wasting of our time!
Friday - Holiday...or rather...Stuck at home studying some BIOSTATs which I don't know what's the point of studying this subject. Anyway, it's a pain. =P

Ahh...more quizes are coming up. Luckily 2 assignments are considered done. 2 more coming up soon. FINAL EXAM COMING! ONO!!
HOLIDAY is COMING as well! weeeee...ops too early to celebrate that. :(

Aiyh hope I can cope with my studies and my LIFE. Uhhh weeks ahead = no life. :X

Monday, March 2, 2009


So fast, time flies..

and it's March already!


wished the time would stop during the better times..

wished the time would speed up during the sad times..

Reports - done? nope (last minute job)

Assignments - when?...what to do??.. (last second job)

Exams? - oh no when issit!? (last day job)

Hectic life. :P

I'd wish I could smile everyday. Well at least that makes my life more meaningful. :)

What am I talking!? -.-'

Bahh..better go to sleep. zzZ

Before going to bed, reminder reminder!!

God has been good - this is true! :)

God has been, is, and always will be Good to me..and u..and everyone! =D

"Guard your heart with diligence, as from it springs up the well of life."