Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell to Year 2008, Welcome to Year 2009!

Oh well times just passes by so fast...a blink of eye and there's goes year 2008. Well..guess I should venture out to year 2009 with new visions and hopes. :)
Another start of a new year...2009..hopefully it's good! Hehe. Gonna turn 20 this year. Gahh...aging already. Sad case lol.
Today went to Jusco..thought of grabbing some new clothes for the new year. Well luckily I get to know from the saleswoman that tomorrow 31st Dec there's 10% for all those clothes and stuffs without discounts initially..hehe. Good news for me cause the ones I plan to get are just without discounts....aiyo.
The things that are happening lately are quite disappointing and discouraging...but well thank God for everything..at least I'm still alive and all-good! :D Hopefully the new year would be a even better year for everyone of us! :)

New Year, New Hope.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

A kinda belated merry christmas to everyone out there. My christmas this year was kinda bitter sweet. When christmas is about to come in 1 week time..my mum lost her wallet partly because of me..end up like 1k lost just because of that! Sigh really sad.
Then when christmas is coming I'm getting less moody and more joyful...hopefully can see my friends and have a fun time together at the party. Well kinda different this year as we sang some christmas carols! :) Then we went to 1U to watch Ip Man..really nice show n heroic. But I think the one whom is the Heroes of Heroes, King of Kings, Lord of Lords is Jesus Christ! :D His birth to the earth is the best gift we could ever have!
By the way this year round there's no more toothpaste! Thank God! yeah broke the sort of taboo of getting toothpaste every year round (colgate and then diary-"black-man-toothpaste"). CLF gave me a naruto-head softoy lol. Quite funny looking. I hope everyone had fun.
On Christmas night the 25th, Justin had a friend who ffk'ed him for our church's christmas dinner. So I'm invited to take over his place at our church christmas dinner.
This is the 1st time I went for the event ever since I'm small...or maybe when I'm really really small I did attended once..!? It was kinda cool. But very bored as I don't really have much buddies around to chat wif me. Was the one and only lone ranger there..sob! The food was fine..just that the most expensive dish wasn't meant for me....grr. Butter-fried prawns! Anyway the desserts was really yummy so overall good good haha. The performance was Awesome!...by our church's Fidelis Singers - some cool young adults and teenagers singing the carols and setting the stage for the night! Awesome performance..! Ruth's vocals might broke our glasses the next time lolx..too "power" oredi..wakaka! Anyway she's the star of the night lol. The Fidelis singers rocked the night and well..hope to see them perform again next year! :D
Here are some pics of the costumes my mum made for a christmas play. I was trying on and it looked good lolx!
Wise man from the east
Young lad from the east!?
Bad bad King Herod

Shepherd boy

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mun Yee Gathering at Steven's Corner - 7th of December 2008

Here are some pics from the gathering. For more pics find CLF the host :) Enjoy.