Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell to Year 2008, Welcome to Year 2009!

Oh well times just passes by so fast...a blink of eye and there's goes year 2008. Well..guess I should venture out to year 2009 with new visions and hopes. :)
Another start of a new year...2009..hopefully it's good! Hehe. Gonna turn 20 this year. Gahh...aging already. Sad case lol.
Today went to Jusco..thought of grabbing some new clothes for the new year. Well luckily I get to know from the saleswoman that tomorrow 31st Dec there's 10% for all those clothes and stuffs without discounts initially..hehe. Good news for me cause the ones I plan to get are just without discounts....aiyo.
The things that are happening lately are quite disappointing and discouraging...but well thank God for everything..at least I'm still alive and all-good! :D Hopefully the new year would be a even better year for everyone of us! :)

New Year, New Hope.


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