Friday, November 28, 2008

Finished my Final Exam!

WOOHOO at last finished my final exams for the first sem....been having sleepless nights (literally). Last night I didn't sleep....awake until now. O.O Panda-chan~
Yeah...liberty...for the time last....ahhh~!! Feels so GOOD! Thank God!
Yay now I can start doing my stuffs. :)
Mission wo kaishi tsuru!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EXAM stress

I've just finished my microbiology exam today...gosh it really was a..pain to study. I've stayed up whole night and study..previously few days ago I spent days and nights studying physiology...uhh boring..and suffering. Gosh when will my suffering ever end!.. :X I've been staying up late until morning for some days...arh..headache..tired..exhausted...cumbersome..stressed......weak... highly depressed...emotionally-unstable. Aiyh. I wish for no more exam...probably my health would improve if so. :) I've stayed up for more than 30 hours since sleep uh. Next paper... Healthcare For Pharmacy...another killer subject...duno how to memorise...need BrainDisk space full oredi..sad betul. ~.~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me ! XD

Happy Birthday to me,
I am still so lonely,
However I should be hapi,
Because God is with Me!

Haha, I just turned 19 birthday just passed. Wee....dinner at pizza hut (sumptious meal)...with a free birthday pizza with ice-cream! yummy~... KC belanja..wanted Chillis..but I think it's too expensive..haha. Dad just gave me 200 d other day...then grandma gave me 50 n mum gave me 100..wahaha. Guess I have to save up those $ for my studies...since it's getting costly. Sigh. I really hope I do well in my I won't fail my parents..and myself. :) Thank God for bringing me to this world..happy birthday to myself..wee. :P

Sunday, November 2, 2008

UCSI University!?

Well well it's been a week or so since UCSI was promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia from UC (University College) -> University! This is quite a GOOD and BAD news at the same time as our degree would be a Uni degree, however the bad thing is that a promotion of status comes with a promotion of FEES as well..zzZ! now our tuition fees (used to be 10k) became 11k.....^&@&^&@^&#^&@^&*$@&*#*@(&#*(@&!! This is total can they just increase like that!? Especially for us newbs..! NOT FAIR!!...especially when our SEM has less subject somemore.....haiyhzzZ. I guess being a pharmacy-by-profession lecturer must be earning really good u r dealing with students rather than sick patients and the public everyday. Well...the Master in Pharmacy fees are not cheap at all....double my total degree fees. GREAT! Subarashi ne..$@*#&@*(&#*(@!
Hope I can study hard, smart and well for the upcoming exams..good luck to everyone who is in exam month (almost every1 I know - 90%).
Waiting for liberation day - 28th Nov....then comes holiday + Christmas! Yay! :D Luckily we still have some hope after all.