Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell to Year 2008, Welcome to Year 2009!

Oh well times just passes by so fast...a blink of eye and there's goes year 2008. Well..guess I should venture out to year 2009 with new visions and hopes. :)
Another start of a new year...2009..hopefully it's good! Hehe. Gonna turn 20 this year. Gahh...aging already. Sad case lol.
Today went to Jusco..thought of grabbing some new clothes for the new year. Well luckily I get to know from the saleswoman that tomorrow 31st Dec there's 10% for all those clothes and stuffs without discounts initially..hehe. Good news for me cause the ones I plan to get are just without discounts....aiyo.
The things that are happening lately are quite disappointing and discouraging...but well thank God for everything..at least I'm still alive and all-good! :D Hopefully the new year would be a even better year for everyone of us! :)

New Year, New Hope.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

A kinda belated merry christmas to everyone out there. My christmas this year was kinda bitter sweet. When christmas is about to come in 1 week time..my mum lost her wallet partly because of me..end up like 1k lost just because of that! Sigh really sad.
Then when christmas is coming I'm getting less moody and more joyful...hopefully can see my friends and have a fun time together at the party. Well kinda different this year as we sang some christmas carols! :) Then we went to 1U to watch Ip Man..really nice show n heroic. But I think the one whom is the Heroes of Heroes, King of Kings, Lord of Lords is Jesus Christ! :D His birth to the earth is the best gift we could ever have!
By the way this year round there's no more toothpaste! Thank God! yeah broke the sort of taboo of getting toothpaste every year round (colgate and then diary-"black-man-toothpaste"). CLF gave me a naruto-head softoy lol. Quite funny looking. I hope everyone had fun.
On Christmas night the 25th, Justin had a friend who ffk'ed him for our church's christmas dinner. So I'm invited to take over his place at our church christmas dinner.
This is the 1st time I went for the event ever since I'm small...or maybe when I'm really really small I did attended once..!? It was kinda cool. But very bored as I don't really have much buddies around to chat wif me. Was the one and only lone ranger there..sob! The food was fine..just that the most expensive dish wasn't meant for me....grr. Butter-fried prawns! Anyway the desserts was really yummy so overall good good haha. The performance was Awesome!...by our church's Fidelis Singers - some cool young adults and teenagers singing the carols and setting the stage for the night! Awesome performance..! Ruth's vocals might broke our glasses the next time lolx..too "power" oredi..wakaka! Anyway she's the star of the night lol. The Fidelis singers rocked the night and well..hope to see them perform again next year! :D
Here are some pics of the costumes my mum made for a christmas play. I was trying on and it looked good lolx!
Wise man from the east
Young lad from the east!?
Bad bad King Herod

Shepherd boy

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mun Yee Gathering at Steven's Corner - 7th of December 2008

Here are some pics from the gathering. For more pics find CLF the host :) Enjoy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Finished my Final Exam!

WOOHOO at last finished my final exams for the first sem....been having sleepless nights (literally). Last night I didn't sleep....awake until now. O.O Panda-chan~
Yeah...liberty...for the time being...at last....ahhh~!! Feels so GOOD! Thank God!
Yay now I can start doing my stuffs. :)
Mission wo kaishi tsuru!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EXAM stress

I've just finished my microbiology exam today...gosh it really was a..pain to study. I've stayed up whole night and study..previously few days ago I spent days and nights studying physiology...uhh boring..and suffering. Gosh when will my suffering ever end!.. :X I've been staying up late until morning for some days...arh..headache..tired..exhausted...cumbersome..stressed......weak... highly depressed...emotionally-unstable. Aiyh. I wish for no more exam...probably my health would improve if so. :) I've stayed up for more than 30 hours since yesterday..no sleep uh. Next paper... Healthcare For Pharmacy...another killer subject...duno how to memorise...need help...my BrainDisk space full oredi..sad betul. ~.~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me ! XD

Happy Birthday to me,
I am still so lonely,
However I should be hapi,
Because God is with Me!

Haha, I just turned 19 yesterday...my birthday just passed. Wee....dinner at pizza hut (sumptious meal)...with a free birthday pizza with ice-cream! yummy~... KC belanja..wanted Chillis..but I think it's too expensive..haha. Dad just gave me 200 d other day...then grandma gave me 50 n mum gave me 100..wahaha. Guess I have to save up those $ for my studies...since it's getting costly. Sigh. I really hope I do well in my exams...so I won't fail my parents..and myself. :) Thank God for bringing me to this world..happy birthday to myself..wee. :P

Sunday, November 2, 2008

UCSI University!?

Well well it's been a week or so since UCSI was promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia from UC (University College) -> University! This is quite a GOOD and BAD news at the same time as our degree would be a Uni degree, however the bad thing is that a promotion of status comes with a promotion of FEES as well..zzZ! now our tuition fees (used to be 10k) became 11k.....^&@&^&@^&#^&@^&*$@&*#*@(&#*(@&!! This is total madness...how can they just increase like that!? Especially for us newbs..! NOT FAIR!!...especially when our SEM has less subject somemore.....haiyhzzZ. I guess being a pharmacy-by-profession lecturer must be earning really good money..plus u r dealing with students rather than sick patients and the public everyday. Well...the Master in Pharmacy fees are not cheap at all....double my total degree fees. GREAT! Subarashi ne..$@*#&@*(&#*(@!
Hope I can study hard, smart and well for the upcoming exams..good luck to everyone who is in exam month (almost every1 I know - 90%).
Waiting for liberation day - 28th Nov....then comes holiday + Christmas! Yay! :D Luckily we still have some hope after all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Serving God with your Profession

This month is the mission's month in my church...and last Sunday the message was very appealing and rather inspiring. A missionary in Cambodia came to preach and he talked about "Serving God with your Profession".
To cut the story short, this missionary guy is a dentist and he can earn good money and live a relaxing and rather peaceful life in Malaysia, but rather he chose to be a missionary to Cambodia where it's a rather dangerous and you-risk-your-life there. He served God there as a lecturer in the University by training up dental students and evangelise to the people there. (Serving with his profession). The point is, he said that he used to think..."I can help people by earning more money and donating to them..."....or something I forgot but it's something like that. Then he added (roughly remembered), "You really need to leave the field and go into these places and serve". But of course God would have prepared us to serve him in every different way..either overseas or locally.
I was rather inspired by him...since now I'm doing pharmacy...I think it would be good for me to serve God with my profession...and I wished to do so too! I remember seeing some lady selling crackers at restaurants...but I didn't bought any from her...partly because I don't eat those snacks and...I'm not earning any money yet...I don't think I personally have the right to be....you know..pay for these even out of my compassion. That's why I'm quite determined....to do well..and to be a competent and compassionate pharmacist! Hope I can survive in the final exams that is about to come..I guess I really need to work very hard..then come out to be a qualified pharmacists..and serve God by my profession..this is my resolve!
Though, life is really short...I don't want to be studying for my whole life!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 released!

The 2nd Season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has been released. This time, Sunrise is really good at surprising and entertaining us with all the new cool-freaking-cool stuffs! You can download all the previous Season 1 series and the Season 2 trailers (must see!) here at http://bt.mymenclave.com/
The episode 1 for Season 2 might wait longer a lil' as these prestigious fansubs needs to edit their fansub titles and to sub a whole anime...it's not easy as you think it is. You need lots of time.
Hope you guys enjoy the new season yeah, as I've been looking forward to it since months ago. :X The new gundams...freaking cool. :D That's bad...because I'm gonna puncture another hole in my wallet again. Sigh. Oke hope Sunrise and Bandai will entertain us to the fullest with the new and cool model kits. :P

Kidou Senshi Gundam Double 0.

My 2nd movie released!

Yay my 2nd movie, specially made for my TARC mates is officially released...by me! :) So sorry for the inconvenience for the time being as I can't send to you guys through sharing folder..as the new live messenger got problem with the sharing folder thingy....but anyway I plan to modify the movie again...missed out and screwed up some part.
Aiyoh Raya holiday has passed...life has been dreadful for the past weeks as the Quiz and lab reports are really pain in the....somewhere. Hope I can survive for the upcoming final exam! O.O Long time never blogy really makes me feel funny to write something here...when nobody reads it! Lol. Funny blog. Wakaka.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay! All Glory to God!

These few weeks was rather hectic that I don't even have time to be panic of my results on sunday. Darn the lab reports....=.=!! Monday morning my mum was more excited than me so she forced me up and I was kinda scared, but at the same time very sleepy and tired. So I just typed my ID and password into the Cambridge Student Results website and.....there...while it's loading (2 seconds)...I was thinking..."Oooooooooooooooooo......"..........then suddenly the page loaded finish..and miraculously and unbelievably I got straight As! I can't believe it and I don't feel that great and proud surge in myself...dunno why..probably I never get straight As before in my life so maybe I didn't know how that feeling is. Anyway it really came with a sacrifice. During the A2 exams, there are 5 sleepless nights where I didn't sleep at all..and study and forcing my eyes to open whole night until morning because I haven't study finish. My eyes then got infection after the harsh stress on my eyes. My mental state wasn't so stable during exam. But thanked God I've managed to pull through somehow. Anyway 4As also not much use....since at UCSI to get a scholarship for Pharmacy...FAT HOPE! Sigh. I really missed TARC. :) Anyway I'll have to go on with my life there. Now I've fall sick with flu..and my eyes are getting worse since then. I'm really discouraged..sigh now I think back I'd rather trade back my healthy eyes with my results. What's the point of getting good results if your health is gone? Hope that God will heal me. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm currently studying Pharmacy at UCSI....Year 1! Yeah! At last uni life started. After two days of orientation....(man it was really tiresome)...starting to get used to my wholeday outside life.
Well I drive to UCSI daily, so it's really tiresome n quite burdensome since now the petrol price increased dramatically.! First thing in the morning...(oh man have to wake up at 6.30am...this is so sickening)...bathe n put my creams on...then.....get going. Morning, have to face d everjamming highway MRRII towards Ampang point there, then the traffic starts to clear off....then after a 15 minutes drive (80km/h), face the second everjamming part of the journey.... from d MRRII stretch towards d south part of KL I think....at Cheras..towards Cyberjaya there. Luckily the left turning towards Taman Connaught (Where UCSI is) is clear. :)
Whole journey including d jam...takes about 35minutes. But when go home time faster...hmph about 25 minutes....flying car all d way! Man, stay quite a distance from d school/college/university....the only thing in my mind when class ends is = GO HOME SLEEP!

Today lecture commences, well I hope everything will be find, the handout for practical seems interesting yet scary as there are many alien symbols and stuffs. :X Well now the lectures other than some new topics are mainly revising the whole Alevels/STPM syllabus again. Hopefully can recall and grasp what the lecs teach. 1 of them giving lecture like a bullet train....-.-'. Then she asked us, "Am I too fast?"...."YES!!"...."Oh okay, I'll talk slower a bit."......then it's like she reduced her speed from 3 slide per minute to 2.8 slide per minute.......like 400km/h -> 390 km/h. So geng man. -.-'

Anyway hope I can get new Good friends soon and adapt well to the university environment, driving journey and the lectures, practicals.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Entering University!

Yay, I got d offer letter for pharmacy at UCSI......at last! I'll be starting classes on Monday 7th July 2008. It will be orientation...hope it's fun n I get to know new friends there. :) Haiyh have to wake up early in the morning again. Nooooooo.....!

Really thank God for everything. The Singapore trip last week n my uni application all seems to go very smoothly and accordingly...right in time. Thank God! Hallelujah! :) I hope uni would be exciting, fun and....hope I can get to know many same wavelength friends. Hope I can survive in Pharming. :) yeah entering university already. Time for serious and tormenting period of my life. Good Luck to us uni students! ^O^

Sunday, June 15, 2008

EXAM OVER! yeah!

FINALLY!.. my exam is over. Just finished my A2 a levels exam. Not officially graduated yet though. Hope my results are good. :) Sigh, now uni application so troublesome, I'm really looking forward to uni life, hope it's really a nice and fun at UCSI. I've decided to do pharming at UCSI, but the school of pharm admin haven't decided to take me in yet. Haiyh. Hope everything will go smoothly...get the minimum requirements for my A levels results and band 4 for MUET. Hope my application will be accepted ASAP lah..or it's really a big headache..kinda bothered me for a long while already since last year. I guess this is it , I've made up my mind...to take up the impossible, and make it possible! :)

Haiyh now pocket also pokai already. Have to spend wisely from now on..! -.-'

Friday, March 28, 2008


Wow potassium hydroxide's so pretty today.. . . . . . . . . haha. So happy le! :D Hope she is happy lah..what else can I hope for.. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An end comes with a start!

The first season of Gundam 00 finally comes to an end soon...next week. Will Setsuna defeat Alehanjro Corner?? Hope so. The last battle for season 1. Looking forward to season 2. :) Haiyh so many characters have fallen. Quite shocking.

Haiyh, next week is my A2 trial d. The end of 00 season 1 comes with the commencing of my trials. Aiyoh. Really ngam. I still remember last year the 1st week of my AS exams, then gundam 00 is released also at that week. =.='

Haiyo, got to make up my mind soon lo......soon gotta go apply for uni d.......what should I do? I still can't make up my mind. But time won't wait for me. Neither do I want to be left behind time. :( I need guidance~!! aaa!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meaty Stuff!

"Sir, your superior weapon is killing , my superior weapon is dying." This is a quote from someone...I forgot who. But, this person was imprisoned by the Roman soldier because of his faith.. and the Romans are considering to execute him I think. Then he told this to the Roman officer.."Sir, your superior weapon is killing , my superior weapon is dying." He meant that "Sir, you can kill me now......but I've testified to many others...if they know I died for my faith, more people will be awakened and converted." So his superior weapon was dying. Haha totally owned. Jesus once said that, "unless a seed falls on the ground and dies, it won't produce other offsprings."
I forgotten which part of the Bible verse. haha. But it's something related to that.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday! :)

Today's Good Friday - In remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross.
Day after tomorrow's Easter..hehe too bad I can't eat easter eggs. Sob. Anyway eating easter eggs during Easter is just another tradition.

Today a foreigner preacher came to my church to preach..haha long time didn't listen to foreigner preaching in the pulpit. Quite interesting. - We should live our lives - Way of the Lamb. I can't think of much now but anyway the main theme is about that I guess..

Aiyo today at college my class was asking if anyone's interested in going for a trip to Redang right after our A2....I was quite eager to go...but unfortunately my good friends were reluctant. They complained that we are not so close to our classmates - therefore we won't have fun. Aiyah I think sometimes it's fresher to go with your not-so-close classmates...than sticking forever to the same group...but of course better go with your gang. Hehe. I wish I could go..hopefully I have the right mood after my finals A2. Hope tuna want to go lar. If not I oso can't go. But they got their reasons lah...I got mine too. :P

Later in the morning have to go for chemistry class. So tired. Better sleep soon....*snore*.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tired tired.

Haiyh...today really got head-ache lah..........to plan a trip to genting is really a pain in the ass. XD Poor cheoee give his dad scold....=.=" Sozai waiyee say 'Ahh I lazy to go lah'. (GO home sleep la u) -.-' So mafan~!! haiyh. Then end up I'm going wif my old gang. :) Hopefully nobody FFK this time and hope that God will provide a room for us! :) Hehe.

Haven't been studying much for these few days..all thanks to that CRAP's Cycle......spun my mind off to timbaktu. zzZ Sigh. I wish I don't have to study bio...........bio bio bio...........sigh. Poor memory power lah. Aiyh. Need help here....help!

Quite boring lah this holiday...as always....unless I finish my finals and all burden is lifted off me.......nah after that entering uni d......haiyh when these exams will ever finish?.. guess I have to wait 5 more years...at least. -.-'

I'm still unsure of what to study...pharmacy seems overwhelming and expensive...pharmacology probably covers more than 100times of CRAP's Cycle..at least! Haiyh...chemical engineering seems unsuitable for my skin..Pure Chemistry seems risky......need Masters to lecture...sigh. =.=' Biochemistry....seems quite crappy....many CRAP's Cycle stuffs probably......sigh..so how leh? I need some guidance and advice. Or maybe if I nvr try I won't know. Hmph.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Very Good speech by Dr.Maniam

Today I wento church as usual...late abit >.<". Anyway many people were drowsy that time due to the results of the Msia Election last night...haha. Well...Opposition claimed victorious in denying BN 2/3!! This could be a sign of a brighter future...for all malaysians! :D

Anyway Dr.Maniam gave a very good speech in church today. He constantly gave us the wake-up calls on our Christian faith. Who is Jesus to us deep in our hearts?.. Throughout our lives..we've been imparted many knowledge of who Jesus Christ really is, but does our heart really responded to who Jesus is? A kind and crucial reminder for me..especially when I'm busy with the worldly stuffs.

What touched me in his message is that, even though some of us don't get well from our disease, we often blamed God...why...why...and some people would say that it's because we're not faithful or whatever...NONO! He said that God is compassionate, and he has a will for everyone of us. Some may be healed of their disease by means of medication or prayer, some may have to wait until their prayer is answered..they may get well in the future, or maybe some of us won't get well until we are departed from this world. He added on..(roughly what I remembered)...
"Don't worry, God may have plans for you, maybe his will is that you won't get well from your disease, and probably God wants you to serve him in your condition in a way..But we'll be free from all disease once we leave this world, after all when God takes us away, there is no more disease, pain, sorrow, sadness, sufferings......all these would be lifted away from us!" :D
I think everything would be lifted except for Joy! We'll rejoice in Heaven! haha! This is really comforting and encouraging. Thank God. :)
I admit that I do complain to God why must I continue having eczema.. even though I prayed for 10 years d..but of course I'm the one to be blamed...cause during Form 3 time I ignored my mum's advice and continue marching even though my skin is on the verge of rotting away. Sigh. The one who suffered most during my painful sufferings...is still my Mum, not me. Luckily I got a good Mama. :D If not I would be dead by now. Probably become a rotten moving-corpse a few years back. I dunno if I can serve God by means of my condition...hopefully God will heal me in the future. =D Or I may have to stick to this for the rest of my life...yeah whatever it is. Trust and have faith in God! Amen! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Monkey in TARC ^^

Today on the way to H Block at TARC that time.....me n my frens...v saw the female monkey hugging a small baby monkey in her tummy there..so CUUUTE!! haha..then the male monkey was digging through rubbish dump...

Then when we were just passing by them...the male monkey suddenly jumped off and ran behind the female...and DO her..in the public..wOOOt.....=.=!!.....it's like the monkey is showing off huh..=.=' then I heard the female monkey snarl at the male..then the cute baby dangling in her arms..haha. We thought that it would be quite dangerous if we go nearer to have a closer look on the baby monkey...sked the male suddenly pounce n attack us wif it's BANANA (oh goose)..but it seems to me that the male prefer to "Perform" than to "Protect".

Free biology practical...LOL...just nice we're in d last chapter.. Human Reproduction. I shud get more pix or vids..hope to get 1. Hoho!! What interesting animal....Monkeys. XD

Craziest plot ever in my life so far

Today I did the craziest thing in my life...I can't even believe it...even though I thought of it..I never dared to put it into action...haha! Thanks to my fren..I got d urge to do so. :) Quite an achievement..! ahah! but foulplayed :P~!!

I guess I could be like the tactical forecaster Sumeragi-san in GN00..haha :P woh this is really risky......I could have been done for. Thank God I made it! XD

Phase 2 completed successfully....continuing with mission...Ky...entering Phase 3. God Bless me! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gundam 00 Model Kits HG 1/100

Just to promote some the new Gundam 00 model kits that's been released so far. Get more info on gundam model kits from http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/gundam/

Gundam 00

Hmph...guess not many of you actually watch gundam, well.. a highly-recommended anime from me, yeah I'm a Gundam fan! lol.

A brief intro of Gundam 00 (Science fiction, Mecha):

After 300 years from present time.............2307 A.D., fossil fuels became exhausted and the distribution of fuels became imbalanced. Humanity must rely on an array of solar power generation systems orbiting the Earth, and supported by three orbital elevators, each one pertaining to one of the three "major powers" on the planet. The three major powers are Union , AEU and HRL.

With this infinite source of energy benefiting only the major powers and their allies, constant warfare erupts around the globe for fuels and energy. The nations that rely on fuel have plunged into poverty. Many believed that solar energy threatened the "promised land of God". The chaos lead to the formation of a private military organization, called Celestial Being, dedicated
to eradicating war and uniting humanity by means of using Gundam.

The story begins with GN-001 Exia performing an armed intervention on 1 of the 3 major powers, AEU. After that, begins the continuous armed interventions of Celestial Being, Gundam Meisters. How will the world react? What is the fate of the Gundam Meisters? Will Celestial Being achieve it's goal on eradicating war? Stay tuned on Mobile Suit Gundam 00!

Note that Gundam 00 will be splitted in two seasons...where the 1st season (1st 25 episodes) will end on the the 1st week of April 2008 and most probably the 2nd season (next 25 episodes) will be back in October 2008.

Links for torrent files of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 can be found from:


Recommended fansubs :
- Mendoi-conclave
- Shinsen-subs

Enjoy! :)

Mun Yee 6M/2001 gathering at steven corner,genting klang

My primary school class gathering photos..got it from clf.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

A very warm welcome to all. I've just started blogging again... After all these years. Ok hope you all would enjoy it here. Life has been up and down for me all these while, but thank God that I've gone through all of them. =D I'll blog mostly on recent events going on in my life..and probably some other hobby stuffs. :)

So...ehem..ehem :

I hereby officially announce the reopening of my blog! lol! ^O^

CNY Lousang at TARC/Alevel/SJ8b - 13/02/2008

Here are some pics of my class...took it when we had a lousang in the college canteen..ang ang! XD