Friday, May 1, 2009

Malaysia...apa pun boleh!

Last month my driving P-license just expired and I went to JPJ KL at genting klang to renew it.

When I reached there, it was drizzling. My mum dropped me there and went to look for a parking in the vicinity.
Note that you can't 'simply' park around the vicinity as you wish - even for a 'little' while. It's like walking into the lions den with their stomachs ever-hungry. These lions are very efficient in giving you a bite(summon) before u know it.

I got down the car and I went straight to the door...but before I managed to get pass that door, 2 thugs cornered me, as if robbing and intimidating me.

I was kinda distressed and annoyed but at the same time feel cornered. I wish my mum would faster come and drag me away.

I entertained them a while. First one of them said 'Lengzai what you want?'
I said 'huh? uh nothing.' trying to walk past them. But the thug blocked me and kept insist on what's my business there.
Then I said 'I came to renew my license lah.'
Then he said 'Show me ur license' - forcefully and stupidly, I let them see it.

Then 1 of them took the license from me and said 'We charge 30 for the service charge (whatsoever) and 1 year is RM30'
then the first thug said 'Ah nvmd we charge him RM10 enough.'
then I reluctantly said don't want but they don't seem to listen at all and kept insisting on me paying them.

Then thank God, my mum came and she saw I was in a ditch. She went into the office and shouted at me. "Why are u standing there! COME OVER HERE!"

Then the other guy was still insisting on telling me how much they charge or whatsoever. Then I kept said, don't want. I was kinda worried as my license was still in his hand, he don't want to let go of it. &@*&*(@&#*(@

Then the first guy said 'Give him back lah, his lou ma ji calling him.'
Then the second guy very unwillingly gave me back and I faster ran to the office.

Ok I know I'm stupid. But this is my first time to JPJ and I've never EXPECTED such thing to happen. Aiyh anyway I'm stupid in the first place to entertain them.

When you reach in front of the JPJ office. Outside there are many wolves and snakes (at least 10 of them?) with a GUARD-holding-a-rifle in his hand. The guard doesn't seem to be of any help at all?

Then when I went in, I took my queue number and...within 1 minute I got served! RM30 straight away pay and renewed for 1 year. The crappy thing is that I can't renew the maximum 5 years because my license is not expired yet by then! It's just 2 days before the expiry date. The expiry date is on Monday where I have to drive to uni. Crap. So there leaves me no choice but to think of the possibility of coming back to this lion's den.

Wow imagine this is happening in Malaysia. These thugs charge you as if it's so rightful of them to do so! &$*(@&#*@*(!! It's ROBBERY in daylight man! shit. My goodness. Haiyh. To all of you out there if you don't know about this issue, be warned! Do ask your parents to go with you if you might feel intimidated going there alone.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Study Break

Study Break!??

Exam is just around the corner!!! next monday....uh!!

I've been slacking around ever since last friday. :(

Guess I really have to be 'serious' now....hmm in doing what actually? :P's really tough...the ups and just like a sinusoidal wave...just that for my case, the wavefront has a longer period for the trough part. :'( !!

How to fully-utilise this 1 week..or rather 4 more days of study break lerh!?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

For these 3 days event (Good Friday-Holy Saturday-Easter Sunday), I would like to share these songs with all of you! :)

Above All

Above all powers, above all kings
Above all nature and all created things
Above all wisdom and all the ways of men
You were here before the world began

Above all kingdoms, above all thrones
Above all wonders the world has ever known
Above all wealth and treasures of the earth
There's no way to measure what You're worth

Crucified, laid behind the stone
You lived to die rejected and alone
Like a rose trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me
Above all

Amazing Love

I'm forgiven, because You were forsaken
I'm accepted, You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit lives within me
Because you died and rose again

Amazing love, how can it be
That You my King would die for me?
Amazing love, I know it's true
And it's my joy to honour you

In all I do I honour You

You are my King
Jesus, You are my King

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Patient Counselling

Case 1 for Pharmacist

Jenny, a 25-year-old sales executive suffering from constipation comes into your pharmacy and asks for laxatives. Upon questioning, you find out that she has been eating a lot of oily and spicy food lately. She also hardly has time to exercise as before because of her new job. Provide patient counselling accordingly. Also, dispense medication if necessary.

Okay this is my proposed way of counselling. Haha.

Miss Jenny walks into the pharmacy...

KY : Welcome here, may I know your name, Miss?

Jenny : Hi my name is Jenny.

KY : Good morning, my name is Kok Yi.. I'm the pharmacist in-charge today.
Now how may I help you, Miss Jenny?

Jenny : I want some laxatives..*uh*

KY : Hmm..are you having constipation?

Jenny : Yeah..

KY : Okay. Do you mind sparing 5 minutes with me so that I can brief you regarding your condition and the medications that you've requested?

Jenny : Yeah sure.

KY : Miss, have you been eating any..exotic food lately?

Jenny : Yeah I've been eating 'lat jiu pan mee' and roti planta..also I love yao-char-kuay.

KY : Hmm I see. Are you currently working at the moment?..Do you mind telling me what you do?

Jenny : A sales executive.

KY : Oh okay.. hmm do you go to the gym often?

Jenny : Nope, nowadays I hardly have time to spare on exercises due to my hectic new job.

KY : Hmph...I see. I'll give you laxatives now to solve the problem.

I suggest you to get this laxative - EPSOM salt. You have to use it with care. It should not be taken for more than 1 week. If previously you've been experiencing nausea, vomitting or stomach ache, omit from taking the EPSOM salt. You should take the dose (2-4 tablespoons per glass, repeat in 6 hrs if needed, limit to 2 doses per day) as directed on the package. It is much more effective when taken on an empty stomach.

However, prolonged use of laxatives is harmful for your bowels as it can lead to intestinal paralysis, irritable bowel syndrome and other problems.

Thus, for the long term benefits of your health. I suggest you to do 4 things.

1st - take more dietary fibers in your meals such as wholegrain oats, vegetables and fruits.
2nd - remember to drink more water (at least 8 cups a day).
3rd - avoid oily foods which are generally bad for digestion and your health.
4th - exercise more often.

Jenny buys the laxatives without further doubts.

KY : $$! Thank you. Here's your laxative. Do you have anymore doubts or questions?

Jenny : Nope.

KY : Well to be sure that I've made myself clear, do you mind recalling back what I've said earlier regarding the treatment plan?

Jenny : Yeah sure.. *stomach growls*

Jenny recalls everything the pharmacist have said.

KY : Oh very good! Hmph, in case of any further doubts, you can drop by here again or you can call the pharmacy at this number..and this is my name card. Here you go.

The pharmacist passes a name card to Jenny.

KY : Would you mind giving me a call tomorrow to let me know how you are doing with the medication?

Jenny : Yeah okay. Thanks! Bye.

KY : Goodbye.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dreadful weeks

Last week and this week was really...dreadful.

Last week was really busy with all the assignment's "SUDDEN" approach of assignments' deadline, plus all that hectic quizzes which I never seem to be able to finish in time. :(

This week was kinda stressful also..
Monday - Worried of getting barred from msian studies due to multiple absence. Hopefully not :(
Tuesday - overexerted myself.
Wednesday - driving halfway to uni only realise that I forgot to bring my wallet! Oh how scary! Driving without license is like sure-dead when u meet a policeman. Stayed in uni & fren's house for the whole day prepare for the forum presentation! xD
Thursday - suddenly the lecturer says that for our group, it will be postponed to next week! GREAT last minute draw-lots and notice! GOODNESS how unorganised and wasting of our time!
Friday - Holiday...or rather...Stuck at home studying some BIOSTATs which I don't know what's the point of studying this subject. Anyway, it's a pain. =P

Ahh...more quizes are coming up. Luckily 2 assignments are considered done. 2 more coming up soon. FINAL EXAM COMING! ONO!!
HOLIDAY is COMING as well! weeeee...ops too early to celebrate that. :(

Aiyh hope I can cope with my studies and my LIFE. Uhhh weeks ahead = no life. :X

Monday, March 2, 2009


So fast, time flies..

and it's March already!


wished the time would stop during the better times..

wished the time would speed up during the sad times..

Reports - done? nope (last minute job)

Assignments - when?...what to do??.. (last second job)

Exams? - oh no when issit!? (last day job)

Hectic life. :P

I'd wish I could smile everyday. Well at least that makes my life more meaningful. :)

What am I talking!? -.-'

Bahh..better go to sleep. zzZ

Before going to bed, reminder reminder!!

God has been good - this is true! :)

God has been, is, and always will be Good to me..and u..and everyone! =D

"Guard your heart with diligence, as from it springs up the well of life."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life is really depressing..*heavy sigh*

Aiyh. . . life is really . . . tough.

It's like I've had enough of these troubles... uhh.

Feel like banging my head against the wall...having a memory loss..forgetting everything except God and my family,.my frens.

But the truth is, I don't wanna bang my head. That's just pointless. I duwan to forget the good times..though I hope to forget the bad times..anyway..I'd damage my brain cells too. noo!

I'm really hopeless and tactless now.

It's just like what they say "You're a hopeless barger."

Well its true in terms of the worldly part of me.. :(

But its not true in terms of my faith in God! I do have hope! :)

This is the song that cheered me up today.

God is good all the time,
He puts a song of praise in this heart of mine,
God is gooooooooood... all the time,
Through the darkest night.. His light will shine!
God is good, Good is good, all the time.

(There are still beautiful lyrics to this song, but well this is the part where my affliction and troubles all went down the...toilet bowl for the meanwhile! yeahh!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogging..?.... .

Sigh, I guess there's really no point for me to blog anymore..since I don't really fancy reading back my own diary in the future..anyway no audience also no point haha. :(
Anyway it's really bored in this blog..I'm like talking to the wall. Haha. Kinda pointless to go on.

(Aiya say only lah few days later sure start reblogging..aiyh)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Chemistry of Life

In most of our lives..there's this "spiritual battle-equilibrium".

times when we turn away from God ⇌ times when we follow God ΔH = +ve

This is just a funny example that I've just thought of..haha. It's so..relatively easy for us to turn away from God at seems like it doesn't require any input of energy!

For us to follow God and do His rather require us to put in efforts(energy in this equation).. love Him, trust Him and turn to him back!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Theft at the Dawn of the Ox Year

It was Sunday night (Chinese New Year Eve)


It's time for my family to go for reunion dinner at a relative's house.

We left home and headed towards there. The windows and doors were all locked.

We hang around there from 8 to 11.30pm --- excited because there's red wine and coffee liquor.

Kinda bored though...(nasty kid).

My aunt gave us an early-angpau..wee! Probably she thought we might not turn up on new year's day. :P

We left after eating Tang Yuan at 11.30pm...


We reached home with kinda tired feeling...everything seems normal and the stuffs all around are untidy as usual...or rather unusually more tidier...?!

I took my bath and then just remembered that I left the angpau in my pants. I looked and found my pants without the ang pau --- then mum help me take out already.

Then I was going to put together my angpau wif the angpau my grandma gave me on Sat.

Then I was feeling weird as I can't find it...because I put it on top of my stuffs in the drawer...n suddenly I realised why is the empty angpau packets that I group all together and place it in the side ----- all messed up and I can't find the one that my grandma gave me.

Then I realised something is really wrong. I think someone must have stole it ---- the 1st one that came into my mind is my maid as none of us detected any sign of break-in...yet..

I faster rush and ask my bro how much did my grandma gave and how the packet looks like (coz I don't remember). Then I looked and after checking all the angpaus (90% empty ones). I found out the angpau that my grandma gave me --- indeed it was opened before --- empty --- stolen.

I got panicked and I told my mum my drawer was obviously ransacked by someone.. But overall everything is in place..except the ang pau packets.

My mum sensed something really wrong...immediately she checked her wallet in her bag....she got a shock....200 gone...

Then my mum was furious and she check another purse....another 200 notes to wrap angpau...goodness gracious!!

Then I called my brother over. Then my mum said "Oh my goodness what if a thief broke in?"
But it's really unlikely because there's totally no obvious sign of break in at all!!

Then my mum say "Cham! What if my grandma's safe is ransacked also?". Then we faster open the closet and to our horror..the drawer is opened. We were dumbfounded.

It seems this thief is skillful at picklocking....Ok now this confirms something's really WRONG.

I told my dad to check his belongings/money if there's any missing...and he found out from his hidden drawer (under some papers)...the money is gone!..but the funny thing is that the papers on top covering and hiding the cash are placed back as it were.

At first we were suspecting the maid....but think think she won't dare to do this gua...1 time sapu all..then we thought of the possibility of her pakat'ing with outsider and allowing intruder in by giving them location location location....and keys!?

But we're really very scared and did the fella get in?

We got lots of theories of the thief's intrusion into our house.

1) Did he came in from the rooftop? ----- but why isn't there any footprints?

(because definitely there's dust on the bottom of the shoes/whatever he's wearing on his foot ma cause my 3rd floor is really dusty) ---- but no sign of footprints anywhere in the house..

Plus...weird thing is that my maid went to the 3rd floor (storeroom) and found KC's belt there.

KC definitely won't keep his belt probably the thief used that as defence..ops I mean offense!?...but the funny thing is that my dad told us that before the maid went up...he went up and check already and he didn't notice any belt lying the maid so scared that she took KC's belt and put it there to "protect" herself from being accused..or it's true that she found it there..? Only God knows. :)

2) Did he came in from the back-roof and go through the room window there? -- cause we were not sure if it's locked (but most probably it's locked)..and we also found that 2 pieces of wood went out of place/broken or something ---- only my dad would care to know.

3) Did he came in through the balcony? --- but we were quite sure we locked it ----- most probably he left through the balcony lah.

4) He definitely didn't go downstairs --- the "good-to-steal" items downstairs are untouched.

This thief is really weird...he arranges all the things back into place after stealing the stuffs.

I mean he didn't really ransacked our house and make it into a total mess..instead he put back everything in if...he purposely don't want us to notice or realised that our house is burglared..

That's what I thought at 1st...cause most of the thieves wouldn't care much about that as they know even if the police is informed --- the police couldn't(wouldn't?) do anything about it (most of the Malaysia).

Except that the drawers are pushed back but the lock is latched out. So it's quite obvious someone picklocked and stole something. Anyway probably he's in a rush.

Luckily we didn't lose our laptops (there's two laptops at obvious spots where it's...definitely visible) bro's laptop was left half-opened by the thief --- dunno why. Probably he hesitated because it's a heavy burden to carry and run with it. The other laptop is twice heavier than my definitely he wouldn't run away with it.

Haiyh this pussy thief must have took his sweet time searching around our house. Took almost all our bro's NTU gold medals also got stolen! Sigh*

My grandma lost alot of important stuffs... Sigh.

Monday (First day of Chinese Niu Year)


My grandma rushed back home early in the morning around 7am with my uncle and aunt. My aunt gave us angpau while we were half-awake --- kinda weird like Santa Claus haha.


My grandma and parents called the police and they lodged a police report. While I was still sleeping...suddenly a policeguy came in and looked at the "crime scene". The policeman interrogated my maid as she was the prime suspect (can't blame it, everyone also hope that it's not her)..poor fella crying badly. All of us felt bad but..well what to do.


The policeman said, "Mana ada macam ini bodoh punya pencuri? Laptop tak mau." --- well we doubt so. I think the thief is trying to avoid more hassles and troubles --- if it's so burdensome that it might by chance caused him to be caught...definitely not worth it at the total stuffs that he robbed is around 2k already. And most likely we've analysed that this thief must be climbing the roofs...imagine climbing with a sack containing a laptop. Plus this guy might not want to attract the police by selling any handphones/laptops or so. He just grabbed the cash n some of the important stuffs and ran. I think he's most probably riding a motorbike anyway.

The policeman then left our house and my mum gave them 6 mandarin oranges...since it's kinda troubling for them to come over even it's a public holiday.


Miracle happened..really thank God...after much prayers. Someone found my grandma's passport at Taman Melati and brought it to the police station in Gombak.

My brothers accompanied my grandma to retrieve it back. See? There's really something funny with the thief? Arranging the things and throwing away the passport after stealing..does he want to show that he's a kind or "clean-type-of-person" thief? Probably some house-maid..doh!!

Anyway this stolen-and-found passport incident clear off our suspicions towards the maid. We are glad that it's not her. But sometimes it's really hard to say. After all generally human's greed has no limits.

This has also 90% proven my maid's innocence..however the policeman warned us that we keep-hold of her passport just in case that if she's pakat'ing with outside people, at least she can't run away. But anyway all of us trust her lah..we'd like to return it to her instantly but...ahh guess it's okay to keep-safe for her for the mean time...also it serves as a reminder for her if she dares do steal anything! =P

Anyway thank God that none of us get injured and we're all still living and in good conditions..even though it's really traumatic to my poor mummy... :(!

Thank God for protecting everyone of us during this festive season! :) Hope you all had a great time during CNY! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Evening Jog

Nowadays almost----every evening I'd jog around the park somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Feels kinda good to be exercising daily--I hope and try..

Today I was walking down the hill slope...and I saw the signboard "Berhenti"...

Then suddenly this thought came into my mind.

In our daily lives, we've been "stopping" around because of the worldly things happening around us..

Then the park where I'm jogging at...there's a hilly slope...up...n then down...

So I life there's up and downs....(humps)....slopes....We'd fall always...most of the time getting hurt and so on...and there's a straight path as well..where our live seems to be going smoothly...and there's the "Berhenti" sign...the world...that hold us back from running towards God.

I'd wish I could jog and run towards God...without ever stopping because my muscles are exhausted of ATPs...and because of that "Berhenti" sign....and run all the way towards God...and finishing the race that we started..all towards the end of the line...which marks...a new beginning!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Wedding Day

4th day - 10th Jan 2009 (My cousin's Wedding Day)

In the morning..
Woke up at 6am... (*o*)zzZ ...

Get ready for the arrival of the bridegroom (I've been assigned a task xD ---- "Open the car door and welcome the bridegroom --- you can get an angpau le!")

So I did what I was told to...ahaha. Yay got an Angpau --- quite a big amount considering that it's in Sing Dolla! xD

So this is what had that early morning..

It was a very very early morning, and there were two dressed so cool..another - still ok lah.

The two guards marched toward the Gate, where the bridge is being led down...*rumbling noises*...

The guards took their position outside the Gate, awaiting the arrival of the Groom.

The morning was a peaceful one, birds chirping and the sky was blue. The silent morning breeze swept through their sleeves..

Suddenly, the silence broke with the sounding of the trumpet---car..

Then there comes the bridegroom...with the groom's men..all dressed in their elegant suits.

The younger guard then walked slowly..and steadily..towards the white chariot..

He opened the door for the groom with a warm welcome..and then he received a warm-red-packet.

The guards then position themselves with the camera in hand..

As they marched towards the Gate..the groom and his men were illuminated with flashes of light..

The five..the groom and his men...marched..towards....the ultimate test!

When they reached the Gate, the groom gave out a battle cry "MORNING MORNING!"

And then..there comes the Gatekeeper...without the Key!...

Through the aperture, the groom peeped and saw the Gatekeeper--his future father in-law..

The groom asked, "Hi Dad, can you open the gate?"

With a cheesy grin on his face, the Gatekeeper replied,

"I'm sorry..I don't have the Key with me you see."

The groom was smiling with despair. He has to do something, before its too late.

Then the Gatekeeper slowly faded back into the shadows..

Then the groom and his men...they heard.....some voices of laughter and giggling that chills deep into their the deep shadows beyond the aperture..

Immediately they knew that...something...or somethings...had been awaiting them..

The groom shouted again,


Then came a reply....a cold...and nasty..voice..

"Yes...yes...we heard yah.."

A few hooded figures were slowly creeping from the shadows...although their faces were unclear...but the groom can see it....that nasty grin on their faces!---AHH!!

The bride's maid and her accomplices attended to them..

Through that small aperture, one of them said to the groom,

"Well then.....let's start with the cold-hearted cash"...with a nasty grin on her face.

The groom and his men were smiling with despair again...and the groom replied,

"Wah, you want cash first arh?" .......

Then says one of the groom's men..

"Wah..go straight to where it hurts most.."

The groom and his men discussed....and then....the groom took a big-red-packet from his pocket, and slot it through the aperture..

The bride's maid and her accomplices were grinning with excitement..all eager to tear the red-packet and gobble up the cash inside..

The bride's maid then said, "Come I let you all see how 'Ngiau' he is........"






The bride's maid and her accomplices lol'ed..

"It's like only.....20 for each one of us..!!!"

"What do you think we can buy with that!?"

The groom frowned..and gave a sick smile..

"Well, do you want me to spell out what you can buy with that..!?"

One of the groom's men then said,

"Hey let us in lah, at least let us through this Gate okay!?"

Looking at each other, the bride's maid and her accomplices rolled their eyes..

"Fine, let them in loh."

Then the bride's maid and her accomplices vanished out of sight..

The Gate was then opened and the groom shouted "Let's ride!"

And they marched into the Castle..where more dangers await them..

Even knowing that, the groom was determined to save his bride from the hands of the bride's maid and her accomplices.

While they were inside the castle, the groom saw something glittering above where they the top of the highest tower.

The groom saw her bride on the top of the tower, peeping through the window..shouting..

"ohh my groom please come and save me...I'm so booored here..!!"

Immediately the eyes of the groom were ablazed.. He's determined to save his bride!

They quickly marched towards the door...leading to the staircase up to the topmost part of the tower.

While they were approaching the door..suddenly the bride's maid and her accomplices appeared out of thin air with a loud bang...*pooof*

" you think we'd let you off that easy..?"

"'ll have to play with us a game..bwaha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ! ! !"

The groom was in a he saw that there's not much time left..!

"Okay..bring it on!...and make it fast la wei."

"I'm sure you'll like this one..wohohohohohoho..."

"You guys have to eat up all of these stuffs...there's SWEET....SOUR....BITTER...HOT..."

The sweet stuff was a condensed milk--terribly sweet--diabetic..

The sour stuff was fresh lemon--freaking sour..

The bitter stuff was "Ku Chao" - bitter leaf/grass--really bitter..

The hot stuff was some big fresh hot-red chilli with extra wasabi fillings inside---simply sensational..

Without delaying further, the groom and his men gobbled up everything given to them....

The groom's face turned pink and pale..while the others were worried of their tummy..

"Wah..not bad ah..can finish all...oke lah kesian you all...let u all pass lor."

The door was opened and it was where the groom and his men had to part their ways..

"It's my bride..I'll go and save guys wait here.."

He rushed off with the bride's brilliantly sparkling shoes..

However he had forgotten about the flowers....

"Oh crap.."

Suddenly he saw a bunch of flowers flying up the staircase and he caught it..

"Hey bro.. you go to war without your gun! XD"

With a thankful smile, he rushed up the staircase and reached the topmost floor of the tower...that's when...he realised that it wasn't over yet...

There was someone standing...or rather guarding the door to the bride's room.

"Oh hi mum, would you let me through?"

"Yeah sure.........." said his future mother in-law with a slight grin.

"But before that, there are some questions I would like to ask you.."

"What do you like about my daughter?"

"I love her for her honesty, her efficiency and...there's alot more."

There was laughter from the shadows.

"Hey..I'm marrying her man."

"Okay okay, very is....What's her weakness??"

"Too kanchiong I guess? xD"

"So you promise to never complain this ever while accepting her weaknesses?"

"Yeah..but we'll discuss about it..."

Then his mother in-law smiled and let the groom in.

"Hey I'm so bored here lah...what took you so long -.-'..."

The groom put on her shoes for her and the bride was gleefully smiling...

The groom then brought her bride back home, escorted by the groom's men and the bride's maid-and-friends.

The scenery changed ----- swirling into space -----


I was standing there...with the camera aimed.

I looked, and saw that the solemnisation was over and the wedding has ended.

The scenery changed again ----- swirling into space -----


I was seating there...eating..

Kinda blur...but I can hear cheers and laughters..

The scenery changed yet again ----- swirling into space -----


I was on my way back to Malaysia...on the bus I guess..


But really excited...

Because I'm going back to..

Malaysia .. KL ... Wangsa Maju

My home sweet home! xD

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Singapore Trip

Just to update a bit on my trip to Singapore. *o*

1st day - 7th Jan 2009
It was kinda funny. The bus (First Coach) was really punctual and started heading out even though the number of passengers on board were only 5 (including me and my Wai Puo) plus 2 (driver and conductor).

Departed from Bangsar, KL at 12.30pm
Stopped at resting zone for 20 minutes
Reached the Tuas Custom at 4.30pm
Reached Novena Square at 5.30pm
Reached Sun Yi's house at 6.30pm

2nd day - 8th Jan 2009
Woke up at 12.30am..

Ate lunch.. --- Turkey porridge (not bad wei!)

Playing with the exercise machine or whatever u call it...

Then..watching the-most-watched-drama-series-by-singaporeans ------- The Little Nyonya

Bathe and get ready to go out....follow Uncle Clement's car out as he go and fetch Sun Yi.

Joel and I went to Dover MRT station..He's going for a party while I'm heading towards Tiong Bahru to look for some stuff to buy.

Reached Tiong Bahru plaza, kinda small but not a bad place to hang out while waiting for KE to finish his work and bring me around for dinner :P

After looking around in the shop for 2 last I bought a small little dolphin. xD

KE and I took SMRT + bus and returned to Sun Yi's I roughly know how to go to Sun Yi's house oredi by bus.

Reminder for myself**
1- Stop at Bukit Batok MRT station and then from the escalator go straight down..
2- Walk across the road (there's a zebra crossing), then go straight down and there's many buses on the right side.
3- Turn right, and go to the end of the sign board (173 Clementi / Bt Batok East Avenue 4) and take a bus.
4- After the bus turns left up a slope, look for Century Mansion. After passing it, get down the next bus stop.
5- Walk upwards the hill and then passby a small park at Chu Yen Street.

3rd day - 9th Jan 2009

Woke up late

Tried to on9..but something's wrong with the line

Waited til 5.30pm to go out :)

Reached Tiong Bahru, met disaster..!! -.-' My bad though.
--Learned a Lesson-- "Never take photos at hobby shops or whatsoever shops..especially in sg!"

Boon Lay MRT Station

Next, I went to Jurong Point at Boonlay.Jurong Point is really huge now. I even got lost even though last time I did came here before, but that was before the renovation.. ;) There's a new wing here. Kinda as big as Jusco WM.

While waiting for KE, I went to the basement to look for some small giftshops. After walking around, I think that SG is really scary at night, as the restaurants here (most of them) are fully packed with lots n lots of people queue'ing up..."They really can queue and wait man!"

Haha kinda scary. Luckily KE brought me to a restaurant that's not that packed (well I see the reason why after looking at the menu). XD However the food's nice :)!

Billy Bombers

Obama Burger (Black pepper xD)

Pork Ribs

KE called pork ribs which I find it quite tasty compared to mine :P!

After that I waved goodbye to KE and went back to my aunt's place.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Setting Goals for 2009!

Hope to be a blessing to everyone

Try my best to read finish the "Celebration of Discipline" book that my CG gave me

Try my best to read the Bible and pray everyday

Do God's will in everything to the best I can...

Becoming a Peacemaker..

Practice and improve my guitaring..hope to be able to serve better in CG.

Exercise at least once in every two days...jogging... =p

Put all my hopes and trust in the Lord!

Commit everything into God's hands. God will make a way! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reflection on year 2008

My Reflection on the year 2008
Life has been really challenging for me for 2008.

First is my A levels - At first I was really frustrated and depressed why other people can go overseas...or able to apply for scholarship whereas I can't even though I'm not less qualified than them in the results that I've obtained. But then throughout the years...God made me realised that I should give all Glory to God, and not mine at all..I really don't deserve getting 4As. Not many would believe..neither would I. God gave me 4As, but I guess I should give back all Glory to God! :)

Next is choosing a suitable profession/course to study + university - At first I was really wishing to go NTU to study pure chem or biochem whatever as long as it's related to chemistry. I prayed hard for guidance and God eventually...I guess..led me to study pharmacy at UCSI.

I still remember Aunt Christina told me that "Bless you Kok Yi, as you can be of service to others!" ~something like that. Haha it kinda reassured me that studying pharmacy was really one of the best choices. At first UCSI wasn't the kind of uni that I'd expect to be in. I'd wish to go somewhere more prestigious with scholarships here and there - Nottingham.

But I guess it's too far for me distance-wise as I can't be staying outside(say no to overseas or staying outside), plus I can't be driving that far all the way to Semenyih Selangor..quite impractical. Thus I've decided and consoled myself that well..."all uni-s are the same". So I went to UCSI. Well actually UCSI's pharmacy is really pro. I'm like a newb there. Even with 4As...felt like a dropout among my classmates. Uh! Sad case. Anyway the lecturers are good. Thank God.

The exams are really tough..(geegee can testify to that :P).I had sleepless nights 1 day before the exams..and the lab reports are really burdensome and tiring. I prefer quizes and exams than lab reports...since wasting the whole day's time and you can only earn yourself 1mark..but well the practical is still important for pharmacists.

Kenjon recently told me that UCSI's board of directors - most of them are Christians. Well kinda surprised but not that surprised lah..! Haha. Actually to really enjoy uni life, you have to stay there and mix around with the hostel/house mates. If not you'll most probably be left out..alone like I am now. :( Luckily God brought me to CG...and I get to mix with a lot of godly friends there...(I'm d worse there). Thank God! :D

Then, thank God for my baptism - hope I won't be a wet sinner for long. Though I felt that I'm still a wet sinner now. (Go in a dry sinner, come out a wet sinner.) Sigh. Anyway baptism is really a good reminder for me in the sense that I'm always reminded of God's grace and that I need transformation and renewal of my spiritual life - to born again!
Lastly thank God for the holiday + Christmas - The holiday was really something that all of us dreadfully needed. Thank God for the long holidays. Holidays are ending soon though..classes gonna commence. :(

This year's holiday is much more meaningful though. I spend less time playing computer games at home/cc..rather I'd use much more time playing guitar and exercising..haha kinda rare achievement for me after all these years. :P

Plus during christmas time everything was really good except initially my mum lost her wallet because of me..made me really kinda down cause at least around 1000 ringgit is lost (report IC lost...wallet + some $ wasted unnecessarily-accidentally).

However God really cheered us up at the week Christmas was coming. First I went for a CG christmas party at Pastor Tony's house. It was kinda bored as I don't have much friends to chat with. @_@
Then we had a small celebration for the Chin kids in our church. Kinda glad to see those kids receiving their presents. Haha..nearly broke my backbone the other day...the kids jumping up my back..uhh! :X Haha. Thank God I'm able to pass all the christmas cards to my church friends..kinda embarassed though. *o*
Then it was a small Christmas party at my house. Invited Tuna, Yk, Cm, Clf and Kenjon over to my house..others were busy with their own plans. I planned to do something special this year. I'd hope many ppl would be able to help me with the caroling. :)

1st I prayed to God hoping that more friends will come over and help me with the caroling...on that night when I prayed I felt so inflamed..I wanto do this for God..for the first time...hope it works!!

Then the next day most ppl parachuted from the I was like lost all hope...kinda lost faith in God.

Then suddenly Kenjon replied me saying that he's able to come over. So what I like "OH yeah thank God!".

Then after that suddenly on 24th Dec...I get to know that my bro only called 4 friends. So I was like..."well no audience..I guess my friends won't wanna sing." So all hope was again lost. Then I was like lack of faith in God again. grandma suddenly urged us all to sing. Haha tuna though reluctant he just sang along. The jingle bell video can be found in CLF's blog..lolx.

After the party we went to 1-U to countdown...Initially..However..Things...Changed..we just went an book the movie tickets for Ip Man - really heroic show. But Jesus Christ is not just some superhero..but the King of Kings, Lord of Lords! :) Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Day - Morning went for Grandma's Canto Church service...mouth went dry after all those singing. Haha. But it was great to give thanks to God! :D I really had a wonderful christmas season this year. Much more meaningful and hopeful.
For lunch we went to KLCC to eat Chillis Grill Bar....KE belanja wakakaa...sumptious meal..if you guys happen to go Chillis, you can call their Fajitas (up to 3 ppl can share).
At night went to Church Christmas Dinner - for the 1st time ever since I'm with EEFC.
Merry Christmas this year. Waha.

New Year countdown - Kinda saddening. Wheel of events for Year 2008

Ops..I guess I've been recalling the events more than reflecting on them.

Overall I want to thank God for everything...keeping me safe on the road...and everyone is safe and sound...and I felt so blessed this year. Thank God for everything...especially bringing me closer to Him graciously...despite the fact that I'm a filthy wretch!
Hallelujah, all Glory to God!