Friday, May 1, 2009

Malaysia...apa pun boleh!

Last month my driving P-license just expired and I went to JPJ KL at genting klang to renew it.

When I reached there, it was drizzling. My mum dropped me there and went to look for a parking in the vicinity.
Note that you can't 'simply' park around the vicinity as you wish - even for a 'little' while. It's like walking into the lions den with their stomachs ever-hungry. These lions are very efficient in giving you a bite(summon) before u know it.

I got down the car and I went straight to the door...but before I managed to get pass that door, 2 thugs cornered me, as if robbing and intimidating me.

I was kinda distressed and annoyed but at the same time feel cornered. I wish my mum would faster come and drag me away.

I entertained them a while. First one of them said 'Lengzai what you want?'
I said 'huh? uh nothing.' trying to walk past them. But the thug blocked me and kept insist on what's my business there.
Then I said 'I came to renew my license lah.'
Then he said 'Show me ur license' - forcefully and stupidly, I let them see it.

Then 1 of them took the license from me and said 'We charge 30 for the service charge (whatsoever) and 1 year is RM30'
then the first thug said 'Ah nvmd we charge him RM10 enough.'
then I reluctantly said don't want but they don't seem to listen at all and kept insisting on me paying them.

Then thank God, my mum came and she saw I was in a ditch. She went into the office and shouted at me. "Why are u standing there! COME OVER HERE!"

Then the other guy was still insisting on telling me how much they charge or whatsoever. Then I kept said, don't want. I was kinda worried as my license was still in his hand, he don't want to let go of it. &@*&*(@&#*(@

Then the first guy said 'Give him back lah, his lou ma ji calling him.'
Then the second guy very unwillingly gave me back and I faster ran to the office.

Ok I know I'm stupid. But this is my first time to JPJ and I've never EXPECTED such thing to happen. Aiyh anyway I'm stupid in the first place to entertain them.

When you reach in front of the JPJ office. Outside there are many wolves and snakes (at least 10 of them?) with a GUARD-holding-a-rifle in his hand. The guard doesn't seem to be of any help at all?

Then when I went in, I took my queue number and...within 1 minute I got served! RM30 straight away pay and renewed for 1 year. The crappy thing is that I can't renew the maximum 5 years because my license is not expired yet by then! It's just 2 days before the expiry date. The expiry date is on Monday where I have to drive to uni. Crap. So there leaves me no choice but to think of the possibility of coming back to this lion's den.

Wow imagine this is happening in Malaysia. These thugs charge you as if it's so rightful of them to do so! &$*(@&#*@*(!! It's ROBBERY in daylight man! shit. My goodness. Haiyh. To all of you out there if you don't know about this issue, be warned! Do ask your parents to go with you if you might feel intimidated going there alone.

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