Sunday, June 15, 2008

EXAM OVER! yeah!

FINALLY!.. my exam is over. Just finished my A2 a levels exam. Not officially graduated yet though. Hope my results are good. :) Sigh, now uni application so troublesome, I'm really looking forward to uni life, hope it's really a nice and fun at UCSI. I've decided to do pharming at UCSI, but the school of pharm admin haven't decided to take me in yet. Haiyh. Hope everything will go smoothly...get the minimum requirements for my A levels results and band 4 for MUET. Hope my application will be accepted ASAP lah..or it's really a big headache..kinda bothered me for a long while already since last year. I guess this is it , I've made up my take up the impossible, and make it possible! :)

Haiyh now pocket also pokai already. Have to spend wisely from now on..! -.-'

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