Friday, March 28, 2008


Wow potassium hydroxide's so pretty today.. . . . . . . . . haha. So happy le! :D Hope she is happy lah..what else can I hope for.. :)


CLF said...

It's usual for you to "code" for a girl's name heh, pretty much guessed it's KOH.

Dunno her though, you didn't intro too.... bad boy!

Btw found your "new" blog from the ex. TimothyKY is defunct isn't it? The day you got your SF MG pic.... (-__-")

kokyi said...

Aha, funny u left a comment, wanted to reject this but well..since no one else would be visiting my blog so guess it's ok bah. Haha. Remember hpu3M? :P
Ya Timothyky carput d.
Wee waiting for MG IJustice. :)