Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm currently studying Pharmacy at UCSI....Year 1! Yeah! At last uni life started. After two days of orientation....(man it was really tiresome)...starting to get used to my wholeday outside life.
Well I drive to UCSI daily, so it's really tiresome n quite burdensome since now the petrol price increased dramatically.! First thing in the morning...(oh man have to wake up at 6.30am...this is so sickening)...bathe n put my creams on...then.....get going. Morning, have to face d everjamming highway MRRII towards Ampang point there, then the traffic starts to clear off....then after a 15 minutes drive (80km/h), face the second everjamming part of the journey.... from d MRRII stretch towards d south part of KL I Cheras..towards Cyberjaya there. Luckily the left turning towards Taman Connaught (Where UCSI is) is clear. :)
Whole journey including d jam...takes about 35minutes. But when go home time faster...hmph about 25 minutes....flying car all d way! Man, stay quite a distance from d school/college/university....the only thing in my mind when class ends is = GO HOME SLEEP!

Today lecture commences, well I hope everything will be find, the handout for practical seems interesting yet scary as there are many alien symbols and stuffs. :X Well now the lectures other than some new topics are mainly revising the whole Alevels/STPM syllabus again. Hopefully can recall and grasp what the lecs teach. 1 of them giving lecture like a bullet train....-.-'. Then she asked us, "Am I too fast?"...."YES!!"...."Oh okay, I'll talk slower a bit."......then it's like she reduced her speed from 3 slide per minute to 2.8 slide per 400km/h -> 390 km/h. So geng man. -.-'

Anyway hope I can get new Good friends soon and adapt well to the university environment, driving journey and the lectures, practicals.


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