Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay! All Glory to God!

These few weeks was rather hectic that I don't even have time to be panic of my results on sunday. Darn the lab reports....=.=!! Monday morning my mum was more excited than me so she forced me up and I was kinda scared, but at the same time very sleepy and tired. So I just typed my ID and password into the Cambridge Student Results website and.....there...while it's loading (2 seconds)...I was thinking..."Oooooooooooooooooo......"..........then suddenly the page loaded finish..and miraculously and unbelievably I got straight As! I can't believe it and I don't feel that great and proud surge in myself...dunno why..probably I never get straight As before in my life so maybe I didn't know how that feeling is. Anyway it really came with a sacrifice. During the A2 exams, there are 5 sleepless nights where I didn't sleep at all..and study and forcing my eyes to open whole night until morning because I haven't study finish. My eyes then got infection after the harsh stress on my eyes. My mental state wasn't so stable during exam. But thanked God I've managed to pull through somehow. Anyway 4As also not much use....since at UCSI to get a scholarship for Pharmacy...FAT HOPE! Sigh. I really missed TARC. :) Anyway I'll have to go on with my life there. Now I've fall sick with flu..and my eyes are getting worse since then. I'm really discouraged..sigh now I think back I'd rather trade back my healthy eyes with my results. What's the point of getting good results if your health is gone? Hope that God will heal me. :)

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