Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me ! XD

Happy Birthday to me,
I am still so lonely,
However I should be hapi,
Because God is with Me!

Haha, I just turned 19 birthday just passed. Wee....dinner at pizza hut (sumptious meal)...with a free birthday pizza with ice-cream! yummy~... KC belanja..wanted Chillis..but I think it's too expensive..haha. Dad just gave me 200 d other day...then grandma gave me 50 n mum gave me 100..wahaha. Guess I have to save up those $ for my studies...since it's getting costly. Sigh. I really hope I do well in my I won't fail my parents..and myself. :) Thank God for bringing me to this world..happy birthday to myself..wee. :P

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CLF said...

Money spend wisely, it's not just for Gundams only.