Sunday, November 2, 2008

UCSI University!?

Well well it's been a week or so since UCSI was promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia from UC (University College) -> University! This is quite a GOOD and BAD news at the same time as our degree would be a Uni degree, however the bad thing is that a promotion of status comes with a promotion of FEES as well..zzZ! now our tuition fees (used to be 10k) became 11k.....^&@&^&@^&#^&@^&*$@&*#*@(&#*(@&!! This is total can they just increase like that!? Especially for us newbs..! NOT FAIR!!...especially when our SEM has less subject somemore.....haiyhzzZ. I guess being a pharmacy-by-profession lecturer must be earning really good u r dealing with students rather than sick patients and the public everyday. Well...the Master in Pharmacy fees are not cheap at all....double my total degree fees. GREAT! Subarashi ne..$@*#&@*(&#*(@!
Hope I can study hard, smart and well for the upcoming exams..good luck to everyone who is in exam month (almost every1 I know - 90%).
Waiting for liberation day - 28th Nov....then comes holiday + Christmas! Yay! :D Luckily we still have some hope after all.

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