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Reflection on year 2008

My Reflection on the year 2008
Life has been really challenging for me for 2008.

First is my A levels - At first I was really frustrated and depressed why other people can go overseas...or able to apply for scholarship whereas I can't even though I'm not less qualified than them in the results that I've obtained. But then throughout the years...God made me realised that I should give all Glory to God, and not mine at all..I really don't deserve getting 4As. Not many would believe..neither would I. God gave me 4As, but I guess I should give back all Glory to God! :)

Next is choosing a suitable profession/course to study + university - At first I was really wishing to go NTU to study pure chem or biochem whatever as long as it's related to chemistry. I prayed hard for guidance and God eventually...I guess..led me to study pharmacy at UCSI.

I still remember Aunt Christina told me that "Bless you Kok Yi, as you can be of service to others!" ~something like that. Haha it kinda reassured me that studying pharmacy was really one of the best choices. At first UCSI wasn't the kind of uni that I'd expect to be in. I'd wish to go somewhere more prestigious with scholarships here and there - Nottingham.

But I guess it's too far for me distance-wise as I can't be staying outside(say no to overseas or staying outside), plus I can't be driving that far all the way to Semenyih Selangor..quite impractical. Thus I've decided and consoled myself that well..."all uni-s are the same". So I went to UCSI. Well actually UCSI's pharmacy is really pro. I'm like a newb there. Even with 4As...felt like a dropout among my classmates. Uh! Sad case. Anyway the lecturers are good. Thank God.

The exams are really tough..(geegee can testify to that :P).I had sleepless nights 1 day before the exams..and the lab reports are really burdensome and tiring. I prefer quizes and exams than lab reports...since wasting the whole day's time and you can only earn yourself 1mark..but well the practical is still important for pharmacists.

Kenjon recently told me that UCSI's board of directors - most of them are Christians. Well kinda surprised but not that surprised lah..! Haha. Actually to really enjoy uni life, you have to stay there and mix around with the hostel/house mates. If not you'll most probably be left out..alone like I am now. :( Luckily God brought me to CG...and I get to mix with a lot of godly friends there...(I'm d worse there). Thank God! :D

Then, thank God for my baptism - hope I won't be a wet sinner for long. Though I felt that I'm still a wet sinner now. (Go in a dry sinner, come out a wet sinner.) Sigh. Anyway baptism is really a good reminder for me in the sense that I'm always reminded of God's grace and that I need transformation and renewal of my spiritual life - to born again!
Lastly thank God for the holiday + Christmas - The holiday was really something that all of us dreadfully needed. Thank God for the long holidays. Holidays are ending soon though..classes gonna commence. :(

This year's holiday is much more meaningful though. I spend less time playing computer games at home/cc..rather I'd use much more time playing guitar and exercising..haha kinda rare achievement for me after all these years. :P

Plus during christmas time everything was really good except initially my mum lost her wallet because of me..made me really kinda down cause at least around 1000 ringgit is lost (report IC lost...wallet + some $ wasted unnecessarily-accidentally).

However God really cheered us up at the week Christmas was coming. First I went for a CG christmas party at Pastor Tony's house. It was kinda bored as I don't have much friends to chat with. @_@
Then we had a small celebration for the Chin kids in our church. Kinda glad to see those kids receiving their presents. Haha..nearly broke my backbone the other day...the kids jumping up my back..uhh! :X Haha. Thank God I'm able to pass all the christmas cards to my church friends..kinda embarassed though. *o*
Then it was a small Christmas party at my house. Invited Tuna, Yk, Cm, Clf and Kenjon over to my house..others were busy with their own plans. I planned to do something special this year. I'd hope many ppl would be able to help me with the caroling. :)

1st I prayed to God hoping that more friends will come over and help me with the caroling...on that night when I prayed I felt so inflamed..I wanto do this for God..for the first time...hope it works!!

Then the next day most ppl parachuted from the I was like lost all hope...kinda lost faith in God.

Then suddenly Kenjon replied me saying that he's able to come over. So what I like "OH yeah thank God!".

Then after that suddenly on 24th Dec...I get to know that my bro only called 4 friends. So I was like..."well no audience..I guess my friends won't wanna sing." So all hope was again lost. Then I was like lack of faith in God again. grandma suddenly urged us all to sing. Haha tuna though reluctant he just sang along. The jingle bell video can be found in CLF's blog..lolx.

After the party we went to 1-U to countdown...Initially..However..Things...Changed..we just went an book the movie tickets for Ip Man - really heroic show. But Jesus Christ is not just some superhero..but the King of Kings, Lord of Lords! :) Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Day - Morning went for Grandma's Canto Church service...mouth went dry after all those singing. Haha. But it was great to give thanks to God! :D I really had a wonderful christmas season this year. Much more meaningful and hopeful.
For lunch we went to KLCC to eat Chillis Grill Bar....KE belanja wakakaa...sumptious meal..if you guys happen to go Chillis, you can call their Fajitas (up to 3 ppl can share).
At night went to Church Christmas Dinner - for the 1st time ever since I'm with EEFC.
Merry Christmas this year. Waha.

New Year countdown - Kinda saddening. Wheel of events for Year 2008

Ops..I guess I've been recalling the events more than reflecting on them.

Overall I want to thank God for everything...keeping me safe on the road...and everyone is safe and sound...and I felt so blessed this year. Thank God for everything...especially bringing me closer to Him graciously...despite the fact that I'm a filthy wretch!
Hallelujah, all Glory to God!

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