Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Patient Counselling

Case 1 for Pharmacist

Jenny, a 25-year-old sales executive suffering from constipation comes into your pharmacy and asks for laxatives. Upon questioning, you find out that she has been eating a lot of oily and spicy food lately. She also hardly has time to exercise as before because of her new job. Provide patient counselling accordingly. Also, dispense medication if necessary.

Okay this is my proposed way of counselling. Haha.

Miss Jenny walks into the pharmacy...

KY : Welcome here, may I know your name, Miss?

Jenny : Hi my name is Jenny.

KY : Good morning, my name is Kok Yi.. I'm the pharmacist in-charge today.
Now how may I help you, Miss Jenny?

Jenny : I want some laxatives..*uh*

KY : Hmm..are you having constipation?

Jenny : Yeah..

KY : Okay. Do you mind sparing 5 minutes with me so that I can brief you regarding your condition and the medications that you've requested?

Jenny : Yeah sure.

KY : Miss, have you been eating any..exotic food lately?

Jenny : Yeah I've been eating 'lat jiu pan mee' and roti planta..also I love yao-char-kuay.

KY : Hmm I see. Are you currently working at the moment?..Do you mind telling me what you do?

Jenny : A sales executive.

KY : Oh okay.. hmm do you go to the gym often?

Jenny : Nope, nowadays I hardly have time to spare on exercises due to my hectic new job.

KY : Hmph...I see. I'll give you laxatives now to solve the problem.

I suggest you to get this laxative - EPSOM salt. You have to use it with care. It should not be taken for more than 1 week. If previously you've been experiencing nausea, vomitting or stomach ache, omit from taking the EPSOM salt. You should take the dose (2-4 tablespoons per glass, repeat in 6 hrs if needed, limit to 2 doses per day) as directed on the package. It is much more effective when taken on an empty stomach.

However, prolonged use of laxatives is harmful for your bowels as it can lead to intestinal paralysis, irritable bowel syndrome and other problems.

Thus, for the long term benefits of your health. I suggest you to do 4 things.

1st - take more dietary fibers in your meals such as wholegrain oats, vegetables and fruits.
2nd - remember to drink more water (at least 8 cups a day).
3rd - avoid oily foods which are generally bad for digestion and your health.
4th - exercise more often.

Jenny buys the laxatives without further doubts.

KY : $$! Thank you. Here's your laxative. Do you have anymore doubts or questions?

Jenny : Nope.

KY : Well to be sure that I've made myself clear, do you mind recalling back what I've said earlier regarding the treatment plan?

Jenny : Yeah sure.. *stomach growls*

Jenny recalls everything the pharmacist have said.

KY : Oh very good! Hmph, in case of any further doubts, you can drop by here again or you can call the pharmacy at this number..and this is my name card. Here you go.

The pharmacist passes a name card to Jenny.

KY : Would you mind giving me a call tomorrow to let me know how you are doing with the medication?

Jenny : Yeah okay. Thanks! Bye.

KY : Goodbye.


shi nee said...

patient counselling is over, now v have to face the malaysian studies, comm-skills and PNS lo...
what a boring and hectic life......

kokyi said...

hahah yeah.