Monday, January 12, 2009

My Singapore Trip

Just to update a bit on my trip to Singapore. *o*

1st day - 7th Jan 2009
It was kinda funny. The bus (First Coach) was really punctual and started heading out even though the number of passengers on board were only 5 (including me and my Wai Puo) plus 2 (driver and conductor).

Departed from Bangsar, KL at 12.30pm
Stopped at resting zone for 20 minutes
Reached the Tuas Custom at 4.30pm
Reached Novena Square at 5.30pm
Reached Sun Yi's house at 6.30pm

2nd day - 8th Jan 2009
Woke up at 12.30am..

Ate lunch.. --- Turkey porridge (not bad wei!)

Playing with the exercise machine or whatever u call it...

Then..watching the-most-watched-drama-series-by-singaporeans ------- The Little Nyonya

Bathe and get ready to go out....follow Uncle Clement's car out as he go and fetch Sun Yi.

Joel and I went to Dover MRT station..He's going for a party while I'm heading towards Tiong Bahru to look for some stuff to buy.

Reached Tiong Bahru plaza, kinda small but not a bad place to hang out while waiting for KE to finish his work and bring me around for dinner :P

After looking around in the shop for 2 last I bought a small little dolphin. xD

KE and I took SMRT + bus and returned to Sun Yi's I roughly know how to go to Sun Yi's house oredi by bus.

Reminder for myself**
1- Stop at Bukit Batok MRT station and then from the escalator go straight down..
2- Walk across the road (there's a zebra crossing), then go straight down and there's many buses on the right side.
3- Turn right, and go to the end of the sign board (173 Clementi / Bt Batok East Avenue 4) and take a bus.
4- After the bus turns left up a slope, look for Century Mansion. After passing it, get down the next bus stop.
5- Walk upwards the hill and then passby a small park at Chu Yen Street.

3rd day - 9th Jan 2009

Woke up late

Tried to on9..but something's wrong with the line

Waited til 5.30pm to go out :)

Reached Tiong Bahru, met disaster..!! -.-' My bad though.
--Learned a Lesson-- "Never take photos at hobby shops or whatsoever shops..especially in sg!"

Boon Lay MRT Station

Next, I went to Jurong Point at Boonlay.Jurong Point is really huge now. I even got lost even though last time I did came here before, but that was before the renovation.. ;) There's a new wing here. Kinda as big as Jusco WM.

While waiting for KE, I went to the basement to look for some small giftshops. After walking around, I think that SG is really scary at night, as the restaurants here (most of them) are fully packed with lots n lots of people queue'ing up..."They really can queue and wait man!"

Haha kinda scary. Luckily KE brought me to a restaurant that's not that packed (well I see the reason why after looking at the menu). XD However the food's nice :)!

Billy Bombers

Obama Burger (Black pepper xD)

Pork Ribs

KE called pork ribs which I find it quite tasty compared to mine :P!

After that I waved goodbye to KE and went back to my aunt's place.

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