Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Wedding Day

4th day - 10th Jan 2009 (My cousin's Wedding Day)

In the morning..
Woke up at 6am... (*o*)zzZ ...

Get ready for the arrival of the bridegroom (I've been assigned a task xD ---- "Open the car door and welcome the bridegroom --- you can get an angpau le!")

So I did what I was told to...ahaha. Yay got an Angpau --- quite a big amount considering that it's in Sing Dolla! xD

So this is what had that early morning..

It was a very very early morning, and there were two dressed so cool..another - still ok lah.

The two guards marched toward the Gate, where the bridge is being led down...*rumbling noises*...

The guards took their position outside the Gate, awaiting the arrival of the Groom.

The morning was a peaceful one, birds chirping and the sky was blue. The silent morning breeze swept through their sleeves..

Suddenly, the silence broke with the sounding of the trumpet---car..

Then there comes the bridegroom...with the groom's men..all dressed in their elegant suits.

The younger guard then walked slowly..and steadily..towards the white chariot..

He opened the door for the groom with a warm welcome..and then he received a warm-red-packet.

The guards then position themselves with the camera in hand..

As they marched towards the Gate..the groom and his men were illuminated with flashes of light..

The five..the groom and his men...marched..towards....the ultimate test!

When they reached the Gate, the groom gave out a battle cry "MORNING MORNING!"

And then..there comes the Gatekeeper...without the Key!...

Through the aperture, the groom peeped and saw the Gatekeeper--his future father in-law..

The groom asked, "Hi Dad, can you open the gate?"

With a cheesy grin on his face, the Gatekeeper replied,

"I'm sorry..I don't have the Key with me you see."

The groom was smiling with despair. He has to do something, before its too late.

Then the Gatekeeper slowly faded back into the shadows..

Then the groom and his men...they heard.....some voices of laughter and giggling that chills deep into their the deep shadows beyond the aperture..

Immediately they knew that...something...or somethings...had been awaiting them..

The groom shouted again,


Then came a reply....a cold...and nasty..voice..

"Yes...yes...we heard yah.."

A few hooded figures were slowly creeping from the shadows...although their faces were unclear...but the groom can see it....that nasty grin on their faces!---AHH!!

The bride's maid and her accomplices attended to them..

Through that small aperture, one of them said to the groom,

"Well then.....let's start with the cold-hearted cash"...with a nasty grin on her face.

The groom and his men were smiling with despair again...and the groom replied,

"Wah, you want cash first arh?" .......

Then says one of the groom's men..

"Wah..go straight to where it hurts most.."

The groom and his men discussed....and then....the groom took a big-red-packet from his pocket, and slot it through the aperture..

The bride's maid and her accomplices were grinning with excitement..all eager to tear the red-packet and gobble up the cash inside..

The bride's maid then said, "Come I let you all see how 'Ngiau' he is........"






The bride's maid and her accomplices lol'ed..

"It's like only.....20 for each one of us..!!!"

"What do you think we can buy with that!?"

The groom frowned..and gave a sick smile..

"Well, do you want me to spell out what you can buy with that..!?"

One of the groom's men then said,

"Hey let us in lah, at least let us through this Gate okay!?"

Looking at each other, the bride's maid and her accomplices rolled their eyes..

"Fine, let them in loh."

Then the bride's maid and her accomplices vanished out of sight..

The Gate was then opened and the groom shouted "Let's ride!"

And they marched into the Castle..where more dangers await them..

Even knowing that, the groom was determined to save his bride from the hands of the bride's maid and her accomplices.

While they were inside the castle, the groom saw something glittering above where they the top of the highest tower.

The groom saw her bride on the top of the tower, peeping through the window..shouting..

"ohh my groom please come and save me...I'm so booored here..!!"

Immediately the eyes of the groom were ablazed.. He's determined to save his bride!

They quickly marched towards the door...leading to the staircase up to the topmost part of the tower.

While they were approaching the door..suddenly the bride's maid and her accomplices appeared out of thin air with a loud bang...*pooof*

" you think we'd let you off that easy..?"

"'ll have to play with us a game..bwaha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ! ! !"

The groom was in a he saw that there's not much time left..!

"Okay..bring it on!...and make it fast la wei."

"I'm sure you'll like this one..wohohohohohoho..."

"You guys have to eat up all of these stuffs...there's SWEET....SOUR....BITTER...HOT..."

The sweet stuff was a condensed milk--terribly sweet--diabetic..

The sour stuff was fresh lemon--freaking sour..

The bitter stuff was "Ku Chao" - bitter leaf/grass--really bitter..

The hot stuff was some big fresh hot-red chilli with extra wasabi fillings inside---simply sensational..

Without delaying further, the groom and his men gobbled up everything given to them....

The groom's face turned pink and pale..while the others were worried of their tummy..

"Wah..not bad ah..can finish all...oke lah kesian you all...let u all pass lor."

The door was opened and it was where the groom and his men had to part their ways..

"It's my bride..I'll go and save guys wait here.."

He rushed off with the bride's brilliantly sparkling shoes..

However he had forgotten about the flowers....

"Oh crap.."

Suddenly he saw a bunch of flowers flying up the staircase and he caught it..

"Hey bro.. you go to war without your gun! XD"

With a thankful smile, he rushed up the staircase and reached the topmost floor of the tower...that's when...he realised that it wasn't over yet...

There was someone standing...or rather guarding the door to the bride's room.

"Oh hi mum, would you let me through?"

"Yeah sure.........." said his future mother in-law with a slight grin.

"But before that, there are some questions I would like to ask you.."

"What do you like about my daughter?"

"I love her for her honesty, her efficiency and...there's alot more."

There was laughter from the shadows.

"Hey..I'm marrying her man."

"Okay okay, very is....What's her weakness??"

"Too kanchiong I guess? xD"

"So you promise to never complain this ever while accepting her weaknesses?"

"Yeah..but we'll discuss about it..."

Then his mother in-law smiled and let the groom in.

"Hey I'm so bored here lah...what took you so long -.-'..."

The groom put on her shoes for her and the bride was gleefully smiling...

The groom then brought her bride back home, escorted by the groom's men and the bride's maid-and-friends.

The scenery changed ----- swirling into space -----


I was standing there...with the camera aimed.

I looked, and saw that the solemnisation was over and the wedding has ended.

The scenery changed again ----- swirling into space -----


I was seating there...eating..

Kinda blur...but I can hear cheers and laughters..

The scenery changed yet again ----- swirling into space -----


I was on my way back to Malaysia...on the bus I guess..


But really excited...

Because I'm going back to..

Malaysia .. KL ... Wangsa Maju

My home sweet home! xD

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