Monday, January 26, 2009

The Theft at the Dawn of the Ox Year

It was Sunday night (Chinese New Year Eve)


It's time for my family to go for reunion dinner at a relative's house.

We left home and headed towards there. The windows and doors were all locked.

We hang around there from 8 to 11.30pm --- excited because there's red wine and coffee liquor.

Kinda bored though...(nasty kid).

My aunt gave us an early-angpau..wee! Probably she thought we might not turn up on new year's day. :P

We left after eating Tang Yuan at 11.30pm...


We reached home with kinda tired feeling...everything seems normal and the stuffs all around are untidy as usual...or rather unusually more tidier...?!

I took my bath and then just remembered that I left the angpau in my pants. I looked and found my pants without the ang pau --- then mum help me take out already.

Then I was going to put together my angpau wif the angpau my grandma gave me on Sat.

Then I was feeling weird as I can't find it...because I put it on top of my stuffs in the drawer...n suddenly I realised why is the empty angpau packets that I group all together and place it in the side ----- all messed up and I can't find the one that my grandma gave me.

Then I realised something is really wrong. I think someone must have stole it ---- the 1st one that came into my mind is my maid as none of us detected any sign of break-in...yet..

I faster rush and ask my bro how much did my grandma gave and how the packet looks like (coz I don't remember). Then I looked and after checking all the angpaus (90% empty ones). I found out the angpau that my grandma gave me --- indeed it was opened before --- empty --- stolen.

I got panicked and I told my mum my drawer was obviously ransacked by someone.. But overall everything is in place..except the ang pau packets.

My mum sensed something really wrong...immediately she checked her wallet in her bag....she got a shock....200 gone...

Then my mum was furious and she check another purse....another 200 notes to wrap angpau...goodness gracious!!

Then I called my brother over. Then my mum said "Oh my goodness what if a thief broke in?"
But it's really unlikely because there's totally no obvious sign of break in at all!!

Then my mum say "Cham! What if my grandma's safe is ransacked also?". Then we faster open the closet and to our horror..the drawer is opened. We were dumbfounded.

It seems this thief is skillful at picklocking....Ok now this confirms something's really WRONG.

I told my dad to check his belongings/money if there's any missing...and he found out from his hidden drawer (under some papers)...the money is gone!..but the funny thing is that the papers on top covering and hiding the cash are placed back as it were.

At first we were suspecting the maid....but think think she won't dare to do this gua...1 time sapu all..then we thought of the possibility of her pakat'ing with outsider and allowing intruder in by giving them location location location....and keys!?

But we're really very scared and did the fella get in?

We got lots of theories of the thief's intrusion into our house.

1) Did he came in from the rooftop? ----- but why isn't there any footprints?

(because definitely there's dust on the bottom of the shoes/whatever he's wearing on his foot ma cause my 3rd floor is really dusty) ---- but no sign of footprints anywhere in the house..

Plus...weird thing is that my maid went to the 3rd floor (storeroom) and found KC's belt there.

KC definitely won't keep his belt probably the thief used that as defence..ops I mean offense!?...but the funny thing is that my dad told us that before the maid went up...he went up and check already and he didn't notice any belt lying the maid so scared that she took KC's belt and put it there to "protect" herself from being accused..or it's true that she found it there..? Only God knows. :)

2) Did he came in from the back-roof and go through the room window there? -- cause we were not sure if it's locked (but most probably it's locked)..and we also found that 2 pieces of wood went out of place/broken or something ---- only my dad would care to know.

3) Did he came in through the balcony? --- but we were quite sure we locked it ----- most probably he left through the balcony lah.

4) He definitely didn't go downstairs --- the "good-to-steal" items downstairs are untouched.

This thief is really weird...he arranges all the things back into place after stealing the stuffs.

I mean he didn't really ransacked our house and make it into a total mess..instead he put back everything in if...he purposely don't want us to notice or realised that our house is burglared..

That's what I thought at 1st...cause most of the thieves wouldn't care much about that as they know even if the police is informed --- the police couldn't(wouldn't?) do anything about it (most of the Malaysia).

Except that the drawers are pushed back but the lock is latched out. So it's quite obvious someone picklocked and stole something. Anyway probably he's in a rush.

Luckily we didn't lose our laptops (there's two laptops at obvious spots where it's...definitely visible) bro's laptop was left half-opened by the thief --- dunno why. Probably he hesitated because it's a heavy burden to carry and run with it. The other laptop is twice heavier than my definitely he wouldn't run away with it.

Haiyh this pussy thief must have took his sweet time searching around our house. Took almost all our bro's NTU gold medals also got stolen! Sigh*

My grandma lost alot of important stuffs... Sigh.

Monday (First day of Chinese Niu Year)


My grandma rushed back home early in the morning around 7am with my uncle and aunt. My aunt gave us angpau while we were half-awake --- kinda weird like Santa Claus haha.


My grandma and parents called the police and they lodged a police report. While I was still sleeping...suddenly a policeguy came in and looked at the "crime scene". The policeman interrogated my maid as she was the prime suspect (can't blame it, everyone also hope that it's not her)..poor fella crying badly. All of us felt bad but..well what to do.


The policeman said, "Mana ada macam ini bodoh punya pencuri? Laptop tak mau." --- well we doubt so. I think the thief is trying to avoid more hassles and troubles --- if it's so burdensome that it might by chance caused him to be caught...definitely not worth it at the total stuffs that he robbed is around 2k already. And most likely we've analysed that this thief must be climbing the roofs...imagine climbing with a sack containing a laptop. Plus this guy might not want to attract the police by selling any handphones/laptops or so. He just grabbed the cash n some of the important stuffs and ran. I think he's most probably riding a motorbike anyway.

The policeman then left our house and my mum gave them 6 mandarin oranges...since it's kinda troubling for them to come over even it's a public holiday.


Miracle happened..really thank God...after much prayers. Someone found my grandma's passport at Taman Melati and brought it to the police station in Gombak.

My brothers accompanied my grandma to retrieve it back. See? There's really something funny with the thief? Arranging the things and throwing away the passport after stealing..does he want to show that he's a kind or "clean-type-of-person" thief? Probably some house-maid..doh!!

Anyway this stolen-and-found passport incident clear off our suspicions towards the maid. We are glad that it's not her. But sometimes it's really hard to say. After all generally human's greed has no limits.

This has also 90% proven my maid's innocence..however the policeman warned us that we keep-hold of her passport just in case that if she's pakat'ing with outside people, at least she can't run away. But anyway all of us trust her lah..we'd like to return it to her instantly but...ahh guess it's okay to keep-safe for her for the mean time...also it serves as a reminder for her if she dares do steal anything! =P

Anyway thank God that none of us get injured and we're all still living and in good conditions..even though it's really traumatic to my poor mummy... :(!

Thank God for protecting everyone of us during this festive season! :) Hope you all had a great time during CNY! :)

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