Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Monkey in TARC ^^

Today on the way to H Block at TARC that n my frens...v saw the female monkey hugging a small baby monkey in her tummy CUUUTE!! haha..then the male monkey was digging through rubbish dump...

Then when we were just passing by them...the male monkey suddenly jumped off and ran behind the female...and DO the public..wOOOt.....=.=!!'s like the monkey is showing off huh..=.=' then I heard the female monkey snarl at the male..then the cute baby dangling in her arms..haha. We thought that it would be quite dangerous if we go nearer to have a closer look on the baby monkey...sked the male suddenly pounce n attack us wif it's BANANA (oh goose)..but it seems to me that the male prefer to "Perform" than to "Protect".

Free biology practical...LOL...just nice we're in d last chapter.. Human Reproduction. I shud get more pix or vids..hope to get 1. Hoho!! What interesting animal....Monkeys. XD

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CLF said...

LOL..... funny thing happened on my big day.... Btw nowadays I see no monkeys already, mostly replaced by dogs.