Sunday, March 9, 2008

Very Good speech by Dr.Maniam

Today I wento church as usual...late abit >.<". Anyway many people were drowsy that time due to the results of the Msia Election last night...haha. Well...Opposition claimed victorious in denying BN 2/3!! This could be a sign of a brighter future...for all malaysians! :D

Anyway Dr.Maniam gave a very good speech in church today. He constantly gave us the wake-up calls on our Christian faith. Who is Jesus to us deep in our hearts?.. Throughout our lives..we've been imparted many knowledge of who Jesus Christ really is, but does our heart really responded to who Jesus is? A kind and crucial reminder for me..especially when I'm busy with the worldly stuffs.

What touched me in his message is that, even though some of us don't get well from our disease, we often blamed God...why...why...and some people would say that it's because we're not faithful or whatever...NONO! He said that God is compassionate, and he has a will for everyone of us. Some may be healed of their disease by means of medication or prayer, some may have to wait until their prayer is answered..they may get well in the future, or maybe some of us won't get well until we are departed from this world. He added on..(roughly what I remembered)...
"Don't worry, God may have plans for you, maybe his will is that you won't get well from your disease, and probably God wants you to serve him in your condition in a way..But we'll be free from all disease once we leave this world, after all when God takes us away, there is no more disease, pain, sorrow, sadness, sufferings......all these would be lifted away from us!" :D
I think everything would be lifted except for Joy! We'll rejoice in Heaven! haha! This is really comforting and encouraging. Thank God. :)
I admit that I do complain to God why must I continue having eczema.. even though I prayed for 10 years d..but of course I'm the one to be blamed...cause during Form 3 time I ignored my mum's advice and continue marching even though my skin is on the verge of rotting away. Sigh. The one who suffered most during my painful still my Mum, not me. Luckily I got a good Mama. :D If not I would be dead by now. Probably become a rotten moving-corpse a few years back. I dunno if I can serve God by means of my condition...hopefully God will heal me in the future. =D Or I may have to stick to this for the rest of my life...yeah whatever it is. Trust and have faith in God! Amen! :)

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