Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday! :)

Today's Good Friday - In remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on the cross.
Day after tomorrow's Easter..hehe too bad I can't eat easter eggs. Sob. Anyway eating easter eggs during Easter is just another tradition.

Today a foreigner preacher came to my church to preach..haha long time didn't listen to foreigner preaching in the pulpit. Quite interesting. - We should live our lives - Way of the Lamb. I can't think of much now but anyway the main theme is about that I guess..

Aiyo today at college my class was asking if anyone's interested in going for a trip to Redang right after our A2....I was quite eager to go...but unfortunately my good friends were reluctant. They complained that we are not so close to our classmates - therefore we won't have fun. Aiyah I think sometimes it's fresher to go with your not-so-close classmates...than sticking forever to the same group...but of course better go with your gang. Hehe. I wish I could go..hopefully I have the right mood after my finals A2. Hope tuna want to go lar. If not I oso can't go. But they got their reasons lah...I got mine too. :P

Later in the morning have to go for chemistry class. So tired. Better sleep soon....*snore*.

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