Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tired tired. really got head-ache plan a trip to genting is really a pain in the ass. XD Poor cheoee give his dad scold....=.=" Sozai waiyee say 'Ahh I lazy to go lah'. (GO home sleep la u) -.-' So mafan~!! haiyh. Then end up I'm going wif my old gang. :) Hopefully nobody FFK this time and hope that God will provide a room for us! :) Hehe.

Haven't been studying much for these few days..all thanks to that CRAP's Cycle......spun my mind off to timbaktu. zzZ Sigh. I wish I don't have to study bio bio...........sigh. Poor memory power lah. Aiyh. Need help!

Quite boring lah this always....unless I finish my finals and all burden is lifted off me.......nah after that entering uni d......haiyh when these exams will ever finish?.. guess I have to wait 5 more least. -.-'

I'm still unsure of what to seems overwhelming and expensive...pharmacology probably covers more than 100times of CRAP's least! Haiyh...chemical engineering seems unsuitable for my skin..Pure Chemistry seems risky......need Masters to lecture...sigh. =.=' Biochemistry....seems quite crappy....many CRAP's Cycle stuffs how leh? I need some guidance and advice. Or maybe if I nvr try I won't know. Hmph.

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